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Wind Farm

PLC CORP.’s large crane fleets and broad experience in transportation, lifting and installation of wind turbines, makes it become one of the most valuable partners in the wind power sector, both onshore and offshore plants. PLC CORP. provides every level of lifting solutions, from a simple crane rental to turnkey projects with an all-in TCI (Transport, Craning and Installation) service coverage. We are capable to supply full-scope services for providing onshore and offshore logistics such as logistics management, loading and unloading of extremely heavy wind turbine components, and just-in-time delivery to project sites. Our closed partnerships with port operators ensure a one-stop-shop solution for all port logistics, resulting in time and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. As a technically-innovative, technology-driven company, PLC CORP. is always relied by customers on its cutting-edge technology for heavy lifting and special transport requirements. With over 20 highly qualified engineers working across the globe, we provide not only innovation for the greatest possible value that is cost-effective and safe, but also immediate solutions. We are an ISO certified organization with a team of engineers and operational staff who are experts in the wind power industry and execute projects exceeding the highest client standards.

Offshore & Port

Over 15 years of experience in machine assembly, PLC CORP. is affirming as a reputable contractor to manufacturers for transportation, lifting for port cranes (STS, RTG) and other heavy cargo structures on the port as well as dismantling, assembling and commissioning. With closed relationships with port operators, PLC CORP. is capable to supply port infrastructure for projects, including receiving goods from international ships, transporting to and lifting at port’s yard, transporting to the wharf and lifting on barges or ships for transporting to sites.

Minerals, Metal & Mining

Since the mid-2014, PLC corp has built a strong reputation in the minerals and mining industry. Today’s large-scale metallurgical refineries are built by assembling process and pipe-rack modules, which are manufactured around the Asian on module yards and shipped by heavy cargo ships to the site location.

PLC corp provides module handling and load-in services on the manufacturing yard, load-out and inland transport services, and heavy lifting and installation works on site. During project execution, PLC corp provides on-site management, engineering and drawing capabilities, operators and installation teams, equipment maintenance, and spare-part logistics.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

PLC engineering, project and sales teams comprehend today’s high standards in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry. With safety as the utmost goal, our specialists focus on providing efficient solutions from factory to foundation.

Whether it is a reactor of 1.300T, lifted by a crawler crane, a 1.390T splitter column of 125m in length lifted by a tower system or even the transport of a topside module of 10.000T, Sarens provides tailor-made solutions for all your heavy lifting and heavy transport needs.

New lifting and transport techniques are being introduced by our engineering department in close cooperation with our clients. This allows us, as a team, to execute modularisation and assembly of heavier components leading to safer projects with significant cost and time savings.

PLC has the capacity to deploy over 120 employees per project. This is one of the elements in our way of working that make us stand out in the international market.

LNG , Hydrogen Power

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that is produced using an electrolyser, powered by renewable energy, such as wind, solar, hydraulic or biomass plant. From an electrochemical reaction, the electrolyser will split water into dihydrogen and dioxygen and produce hydrogen. The mode of production is clean and does not produce carbon.

This differs from other forms of hydrogen product, notably so-called ‘blue’ and ‘grey’ hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas and, unlike green hydrogen, results in carbon dioxide being produced, but this is captured by a carbon capture, utilisation and storage system. With ‘grey’ hydrogen, hydrogen is produced from using fossil fuels and the carbon produced in this process is not captured at all.

One of the main benefits of green hydrogen production, besides its clean carbon footprint, is the fact that the hydrogen facility is powered by the excess electricity produced during peak periods and which cannot otherwise be injected in a saturated power grid.

This excess electricity is not lost and is transformed into hydrogen, a gas, which can be stored in fuel cells and introduced back as power source for businesses or households. In France, for example, green hydrogen is used to power local public buses in the cities of Pau and Lyon.

Thermal Power

Success in servicing the thermal power segment demands a level of commitment and skill that few can offer. From engineering creativity and expertise, to operational excellence, with an industry leading toolkit, for nearly many years PLC corp has met the challenges of the power industry with solutions and team members who possess an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and the environment.